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PT Lydia Sola Gracia

Our Company Before Known as Lydia Garment, established on 1982 as a small home industry, located on small town Parungkuda, Sukabumi, West Java.

Our Company Founder Mrs Meilawaty Tanuwidjaja established the company made a baby suit for local market. As Company grow in 80's and 90's we made girl party dress for export market (mainly for Middle East and America) and transform from small home industry become medium size garment manufacturer.

on mid 2000's Company started to change its expertise to make knit item such Polo Shirt, T shirt, (especially stripper / Yarn dyed) and knit Bottom. Now company served mainly customer at South America for this item. Our experience and expertise in this item made self confidence on us to achieve our vision and mission in the future.

On 2013's Company started a new line as Top's Uniform maker for some company both Local or international. This Line gave us much lesson to develop our expertise in this line. As Company like PT Indomarco Prismatama / Indomaret (local) and SGS Asia Pasific has placed order for their uniform to us, no doubt your company also to put us as your main supplier.


Meet customer’s satisfaction


  • Meet quality's requirement

  • Minimize complaints from customer

  • On-time delivery

  • Make everyone happy


Production Capacity

Our Garment Production Space support by 8 Sewing Line and can produce:

  1. T-shirt : 275.000 pcs / Month
  2. Polo Shirt : 200.000 pcs / Month
  3. Knit Bottom : 100.000 pcs / Month
  4. Uniform Shirt : 100.000 pcs / Month
  5. For other item can send enquiries

For our Embroidery Space support by 12 Computerized Embroidery Machine and can produce around 250.000 pcs for small logo, 150.000 pcs medium size logo and 100.000 for big Logo.



  • Single Needle
  • Single Needle Cutter
  • Double Needles
  • Wrist Band Kansai
  • Overlock 6 Needles
  • Overlock 5 Needles
  • Overlock 4 Needles
  • Overlock 3 Needles
  • Baby overlock
  • Buttoning Lockstiches
  • Buttoning
  • Button Hole
  • Bartack
  • Overdeck
  • Snap Bottom
  • Picot
  • Zigzag 2 step, etc.

Computer Embroidery machine

12 Unit (12 Head, 15 Head, 20 Head).